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Episode 2: Tech Talk- The Punch

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson

Our First Martial Arts Technique Talk! Why is the punch so prominent in many martial arts across the world? Where did the punch come from? What’s the best way to do a proper punch? How do different styles and systems treat or teach this technique? This week on “Tech Talk” we tackle that question head on and go in depth trying to unravel the reasoning behind the most common strike in martial arts!

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Episode 1.5: Interview with Phillip Starr (part 2)

Welcome to the second half of our interview where Sifu Starr speaks about Iaido, the future of Yiliquan and his thoughts on the changing culture and beliefs of western based martial arts practitioners. Also here are the links to each of his books, you can find these links on the affiliates page of   You can find Sifu Starr at  Steiner Academy of Martial Arts

The Making of a Butterfly

Martial Mechanics

Martial Maneuvers

Hidden Hands 

Developing Jin

Martial Structure

Episode 01: Yiliquan with Phillip Starr (part 1)

In our first interview we speak with Sifu Pete (Phillip) Starr. Discover more about traditional kung fu and his story about how a young teen became the successor of Yiliquan (One Principle Boxing). This episode has been split in two parts so that we can maintain a half-hour (approximately) time frame for our episodes. Make sure you check out our official store for apparel and more from the podcast that keeps you Reaching for the Top!!!

Martial Talk: An Olympus Podcast

Welcome to Martial Talk: An Olympus Podcast. Your source for Martial Arts related discussion and interviews with instructors around the world. Our goal is discover the similarities in martial arts from different cultures and bring the most common of those into our own training. So prepare to be baffled by the sheer number of styles and practices that we have prepared to present to you and remember to always Reach for the Top.